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Die ältesten bislang bekannten Fotos vom Apple I |


Inklusive Bulli vor dem Byte Shop :)


Walter the Bus


"Walter the Bus" - Der größte VW Bulli der Welt


Airplay - Raspberry Pi. Kommen also auch noch andere drauf ;)

#GarageSale and ebay trouble #error #240 Unbelievably PowerMac #G5 auction

Error 240: this cost me now several hours over a couple days. Never had such a problem with GarageSale but it seems the stupid ebay policy. I tried to relist my Apple PowerMac G5 with GarageSale on ebay. Always the error 240 showed up. After trying a couple things the GarageSaleWiki mentioned I even rewrote the Description, changed the title, changed payment methods only to paypal, removed pictures and youtube videos, nothing worked. 

Last chance was to list the PowerMac not with GarageSale and go directly to the ebay listings. Finally a explicit error message came up. You MUST list the PowerMac with the ebay provided product specifications. F&%K! The problem with this is, they don't list the right PowerMac G5 Model. Only one, but this is not my Version of the PowerMac.