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VW California Beach Extensions and Festival Test

Our VW T5 California Beach is getting more extensions to make the vanlife with it more comfortable.

The Porta Potti has an real box now instead of the Calipotti. 230V Power with an FI and a charger for both batteries is installed. Three 230V Power Outlets inside.

Outside Extensions are the Fiamma F45S awning and the Quechua Base 2"full. Extensions in - and outside with the Alu - Cargo Boxes for food and other stuff. The boxes can be locked itself and locked at the car. (at the rims f.e.) The Quechua Base as additional storage if you are settled.

Pro's to to go to a festival with the Cali Beach instead with our VW T3 Westy:

Loading: no trailer needed,

Speed: Faster.

The Camper is comfortable for one person on a festival, suitable for 2. We miss the 38cm more on length inside from the Westy.  So the Cali Beach has no cabinets build in, you have to suit yourself with boxes and bags. It's always a little moving around needed but this also underlines the "beach character".

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