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The one about the Eberspächer

The one about the Eberspächer
Dealing with the Eberspächer D2L auxiliary heater. We have two of them. Both 29 years old and still running.
The problem, you “should” or in our case in Germany you “must” replace the combustion chamber after 10years because of the danger of an carbon monoxide poisoning.
I’ve never done this. 🤔. 
The VW T3 California was not used in winter weather the last 15 years, so it was no need for the Eberspächer, only was turned on for checks.

In the VW LT Florida the Eberspächer I check regularly for carbon monoxide with an testing device.
Additional we have a CO detector and a TriGas detector installed.
At the end we don’t use the Eberspächers any more overnight or during sleep.

Due the case the Eberspächers always needs sufficient electric power, we trust it not longer as 1-2 days without recharging our batteries. So we try to find sleeping places with electrical power support in cold winter nights. 
Unlike earlier days as we startet with the camper vans (30 years ago 😎 🤘) most campground and of course the rv parks which are more and more common have power outlets with much more amps.
That gives us the opportunity to support the auxiliary heater with a small electrical heater.
We have 2 of them, ceramic ones. 1 with 500watts and a bigger one with 3 levels. 500W, 1000W and 1500W.
So we’ve come round in a circle. 🤔
Too run the Eberspächer safe you need enough power. If you have enough electrical power, you don’t need the Eberspächer.

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